How to Choose a Referee Bluetooth Intercom? Come On and Have a Look at the EJEAS FBIM

As the most communication tool for referees, walkie-talkie has been constantly evolving and changing. Thanks to the development pf science, walkie-talkie become more professional. However, people get into confusion when choosing a walkie-talkie because of talking range, price, appearance, sound quality …All problems mentioned above make people hard to make a decision.

And today, we will introduce a dedicated Bluetooth walkie-talkie – FBIM.

Referee Bluetooth Intercom FBIM

Open the retail box, you will find the main unit, a piece of earphone, an armband case, a user manual, a charging cable. The box is easy to carry around, and the whole design is simple yet exquisite.

The standard ear hook fits the structure of human ear, FBIM use this design to avoid falling during the run.

Referee Intercom EJEAS FBIM

EJEAS FBIM does a great job in battery life -astonishing 12 hours! The standby time even reached 480 hours, totally meet the need of a game and daily training.

Continue with the style of EJEAS, FBIM uses IP65 to prevent it from wind, rain, and sweat.

Waterproof intercom FBIM

If there is no obstacles or interference, the talking range of FBIM could reach 1200m, while the size of a football field is 90-120m in length and 45-90m in width, meaning the FBIM fully satisfied the use of the game and training communication.

Pre-pair four FBIM, the referee, the assistant referees, and the fourth official could communicate during the game without any problem. Talkings over the HD single ear become much clearer.

Pre-pair four FBIM

Finally, as a dedicated high-end water resistant Bluetooth intercom for referees, EJEAS FBIM suit referees who’re sufficient in financial.  However, if you want an affordable referee intercom, EJEAS V6C(One to Five, two-people talk at the same time) and EJEAS V4C(four people talk at the same time) would be a good choice too.

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