Keep in touch while competitions, training, aerial photography, venues or activities.

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Blurtooth & Mesh Intercom

Mesh group intercom: Mesh fast pairing provides a more stable talk link. Within the communication range, all devices can automatically connect according to the distance. After disconnection, they return to the communication distance and automatically reconnect in 5 milliseconds.

Bluetooth group intercom: Pair in sequence through Bluetooth. If the middle device is disconnected, the entire group will be disconnected.

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Why do we recommend using professional referee intercom?

Our intercom products FBIM and F6, specially designed for referees, are more in line with the needs of referees’ use scenarios. Offers versatile connectivity options to meet the needs of any sports event. Whether you’re officiating football, soccer, rugby, or any other sport.

The current new product F6 uses Mesh technology, which has strong anti-interference ability and penetrating power. Gear up with F6 and take your officiating game to the next level!

Mesh 3.0 new technology

Mesh intercom can make the connection more stable and have strong penetration

Use Scenarios


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