An Outstanding Piece – EJEAS E200 Wireless Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Headset Intercom

With more and more people choosing vehicles to travel today, more and more people realize that a quiet space in the noisy environment of mechanical roar would make the journey much more pleasant, and they tend to choose a “noise cancellation” headset other than a “loud sound” headset.

As a professional Brand in the field of Bluetooth Intercom, EJEAS is always stepping at the forefront in terms of wind and noise reduction.

Bluetooth Headset Intercom E200

By launching E200, EJEAS turned on a new page in the combination of helmet Bluetooth headset and motorcycle intercom, further more, the noise reduction is getting better and better from generation to generation.

Inherited the same style as the E series of EJEAS, there are voice prompts whenever you turned on/off or operated E200.

helmet stereo intercom headsets E200

The overall look between E200 and E1 is the same, but they have some different functions.

Both E200 and E1 uses the CSR chip, big improvements were made in wind and noise reductions, thus, they could prevent the machine from raindrops, fog, and sweat.

headsets motorbike intercom E200

They could connect to TWO Bluetooth devices, auto-answer phone calls, music listening, and Voice GPS navigation are the most commonly used functions. The advantage of E200 lies in the two-people real-time communication, meanwhile, the AUX port enables it to connect to a normal walkie-talkie via the PTT cable.

By reducing the weight, there is no need to install an external motor intercom anymore, thus, E200 is much more suitable for rider and pillion since the talking distance between two of them is 300M.

motorcycle communication

There must have some contradictions in working range and lightweight, all depends on your need.

Basically, there is no need to worry that E200 would run out of battery because you can talk over it for 8 hours continuously, what’s more,  the full power life even reached 150 hours!

All in all, comparing with the products in the same series, E200 works best in lightweight. Anyway, E200 would be a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable, lightweight, easy-operated helmet Bluetooth headset.

EJEAS – From Ardent Love, Specialized in Riding, Great at Innovation, Glad to share, Your Outdoor Intelligent and Secure Mobile Communication Partner.