Quick 20 Bluetooth Intercom 2s speed matching, high-fidelity sound quality

2s Quick Pair: Maybe you are often confused about the difficult pairing method or having troubles in learning the instruction. EJEAS regards customer’s pairing experience as a first priority. We work hard to simplify and speedy the pairing. Finally, We have developed the latest Quick Pair Technology. Thanks to it, we could pair the intercoms in 2s, and get rid of troublesome pairing.

Bluetooth 4.2 + CSR: A foldable antenna was creatively designed to save space and enhance the beauty of appearance. You can unfold it to enhance the signal receiving or hide it to save space. Quick20 also  support 2 riders full duplex communication with a distance up to 1200m. You can talk with your partner freely without the concern about the distance.

Hi-Fi Sound Quality: If you’re riding alone, listen to music is a good entertainment. The Qucick20 intercom headset with advanced DSP noise suppression and high-quality 40mm speakers contribute to the crystal-clear music. Promising the HiFi stereo bass, clear and natural soundtrack music listening experience. As a music enthusiast, you can enjoy the music like being in a concert while riding on the road.

Entertainment Bluetooth Intercom: Q20 motorcycle intercom also has built-in FM radio. If you’re more interested in news than music, you would love FM for sure. Meanwhile, Quick20 intercom can connect with 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time, such as GPS, MP3, cellphone etc. It can automatically pick up the incoming call in 5s as long as you paired Q20 with your cellphone.

Turntable Instead of Small Buttons: Compare with the old model intercom, you can tell the differences from the appearance at first sight. As you can see, there is a big turntable instead of buttons. The turntable saves much space and make the machine more elegant. And more importantly, it makes the operation while riding easier, because running a turntable is more convenient than press small buttons.

Use 530mAh large capacity lithium battery, four LED power indicator, intelligent low battery alarm.

Quick 20 boot, pairing and other operation voice reminder, intelligent choice of bilingual tips.

EJEAS – From Ardent Love, Specialized in Riding, Great at Innovation, Glad to share, Your Outdoor Intelligent and Secure Mobile Communication Partner.