E300-a best friend for your safety and enjoyable trip

BLUETOOTH 4.2: E300 motorcycle Intercom can pair with 2 cell phones via Bluetooth 4.2 technology. Compare with Bluetooth 4.1, E300 has great advantages in speed, stability and capacity. Thus, it will give you superb communication no matter how fast you are riding. No disconnection, no delay, keep you riding and talking simultaneously.

REAL-TIME Communication: There are times when you will need to talk to the buddies, maybe with the riding partners, this Bluetooth featured helmet intercom will be a great help as it support 2 riders full duplex communication with a distance beyond 300 meters.

High Fidelity Sound Quality: If you like riding in your life time, you will understand the importance of the music. Advanced DSP noise suppression and high-quality 40mm speakers contributes to the crystal-clear music. Just enjoy your audio feast, like being in a concert.

Wide application: E300 Bluetooth Intercom support all full-face or 3/4 face helmets, you can use in motorcycles riding, bicycling, skiing, jungle adventure, building construction, horse riding etc. It also suitable for any kind of training that need to wear the helmet.

Multifunctional Bluetooth intercom: Do you want an amazing riding trip? E300 could help you! GPS guide you the way where you are unfamiliar, or listen to the country music through a beautiful village. No hands for phone call? Don’t worry, E300 auto-receive the phone calls, all you need to do is just focusing on the road. E300- a best friend for your safety and enjoyable trip.

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