EJEAS FBIM – Professional Rugby Referee Bluetooth Communication System

Rugby refereeing demands precision, communication, and absolute focus. In the heat of the game, clear communication is paramount for referees to make accurate decisions. Enter the EJEAS FBIM, a cutting-edge Bluetooth communication system designed explicitly for professional rugby referees. Let’s delve into its attributes and how it revolutionizes the referee’s experience on the field.

Seamless Intercom Functionality

The FBIM boasts a 4-person full duplex intercom system, allowing real-time, simultaneous communication among four referees. This seamless interaction ensures quick decision-making and coordination during intense match moments.

Extensive Range and Connectivity

With a maximum range of 1500 meters, the FBIM ensures referees stay connected across the entire field. Its Bluetooth 5.1 technology, utilizing BLE low-power technology, guarantees stable and extended connectivity, keeping referees in sync at all times.

Advanced Noise Control Technology

Refereeing environments can be chaotic, but the FBIM mitigates this with Advanced DSP noise control technology. This feature filters out background noise, ensuring crystal-clear communication and eliminating distractions during crucial match phases.

Optimal Audio Quality

The FBIM prioritizes audio quality with windshield noise reduction. Referees can enjoy high-definition music alongside clear, distortion-free communication, enhancing their overall on-field experience.

Resilient and Weatherproof Design

Built to withstand the rigors of the game, the FBIM boasts an IP65 waterproof rating. Referees can focus on the match without worrying about the system’s durability, even in challenging weather conditions.

Long-lasting Battery Life

Equipped with an 850mAh lithium battery, the FBIM ensures longevity. Referees can rely on a staggering 19 hours of intercom use and an astounding 260 hours of standby time, guaranteeing uninterrupted functionality throughout multiple matches.

Professional Referee Headphones

The FBIM comes complete with in-ear professional referee headphones, providing comfort and stability while maintaining excellent audio quality, essential for referees to stay fully engaged with the game.

In essence, the EJEAS FBIM redefines the standards for referee communication systems in the world of professional rugby. Its blend of advanced technology, robust design, and unparalleled functionality makes it a game-changer for referees, ensuring a seamless and focused officiating experience on the field.

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