EJEAS K1: 2-IN-1 motorcycle mesh intercom headset & helmet recorder

EJEAS K1 is a new generation 2-IN-1 motorcycle mesh intercom headset and helmet recorder that utilizes the latest Mesh3.0 mesh intercom technology, and has stronger signal penetration in complex environments. EJEAS K1 features a microphone with 5 levels of sensitivity, allowing you to adjust the intercom sensitivity according to the environmental noise, ensuring clearer communication with your teammates while riding. EJEAS K1 is equipped with dual chips that support simultaneous intercom sound, music, and FM radio, providing a more flexible and comfortable riding experience.

EJEAS K1 also functions as a helmet recorder with a built-in 64GB TF card, allowing you to capture videos or take photos to document your journey’s scenery. It additionally supports simultaneous recording video while conversing.

EJEAS K1 adopts the latest Mesh3.0 mesh intercom technology. Compared to intercom headsets on the market that use Mesh1.0 and 2.0 technology, EJEAS K1 offers stronger signal penetration and twice the signal strength. It can be easily used in challenging environments such as tunnels, steep slopes, small curves, hills, groves, and highways with heavy traffic, allowing you to communicate clearly with your teammates in real-time and exchange information without delay.

In an open environment, EJEAS K1 can measure an actual intercom distance of over 1,000 meters, while in a non-open environment, it’s approximately 500 meters. The supported intercom distances may vary in different environments.

EJEAS K1 supports 8 cyclists talking simultaneously. When 8 EJEAS K1 devices are on the same channel, 8 teammates can communicate and share riding conditions at the same time.

EJEAS K1 offers a total of 5 channels, with channel 1 being the default intercom mode. In case of interference in the riding environment, you can switch to other channels to enhance your riding experience.

EJEAS K1 has built-in dual chips, which can realize intercom and listening to music, and FM sound at the same time.

When using EJEAS K1 to listen to music on your mobile phone, you have the option to share the music with your teammates and collectively enjoy its beauty.

EJEAS K1 features adjustable microphone sensitivity with 5 levels to choose from. When the car speed is slow and wind noise has minimal impact, the fifth level of sensitivity is recommended. In contrast, when the car speed is high, and wind noise is substantial, it’s advisable to use the first level of sensitivity. Upon powering on, the default sensitivity level is set to 3. To quickly switch from level 3 sensitivity to level 4, simply perform a long press on the Mesh key and the + key.

When entering Mesh intercom mode, click the Mesh intercom button to manually activate mute mode. In this state, you can only listen but cannot engage in intercom. Click the Mesh intercom button again to unmute the microphone and resume intercom functionality.

EJEAS K1 is also a recorder for your ride, with a 1080P high-definition camera that records the scenery along the ride in real time.

EJEAS K1 built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect to the mobile app “Roadcam” via Wi-Fi to view captured videos and pictures. EJEAS K1 also supports recording while simultaneously viewing the video footage on the app. Any interesting footage can be exported and shared on social accounts or sent to friends. Furthermore, when a collision occurs, the app automatically saves the video and exposure compensation settings.

EJEAS K1 built-in Bluetooth 5.1 chip, allowing it to connect to a mobile phone via Bluetooth for functions such as controlling the phone’s music, listening to navigation, automatically answering incoming calls, and activating the phone’s voice assistant.

EJEAS K1 is equipped with a built-in 2100mAh rechargeable battery. It provides up to 17 hours of continuous use when utilizing Mesh intercom and can be used for 5.5 hours continuously when both recording and Mesh intercom are active simultaneously. Its battery life functionality is currently the most powerful in the market. Using the Type-c charging port, you can charge EJEAS K1 at any time.

EJEAS K1 can be connected and paired with one click, and it only takes 1-3 seconds to pair successfully. There is no need to switch intercom after connection, and multiple people can intercom at the same time.

EJEAS K1 allows users to freely form groups within the effective distance. When within this range, it can automatically reconnect and pair within 1 second after disconnection, eliminating the need for manual connection.

EJEAS K1 has a built-in 64GB TF memory card, which can store videos and pictures recording your riding process and review them at any time.

EJEAS K1 has designed 3 products based on different numbers of rider teams. K1 supports 4 riders talking at the same time. K1 Pro supports simultaneous intercom for 6 riders. K1 Max supports simultaneous intercom for 8 riders.

For more information, please visit: www.ejeas-camera.com

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