Motorcycle Handle Remote Suitable For Multiple Types Of Bluetooth Intercoms

EJEAS with the new EUC Remote, introduced at the 2019.


EJEAS EUC Remote is a low-consumption Bluetooth remote control. It allows to keep fasten on the handlebar of your motorcycle or bicycle for controlling our brand Bluetooth intercom product. The different model designed with different corresponding button functions.

It works with EJEAS E300 or EJEAS Quick 20 and etc intercom system.

EJEAS EUC Remote and E300
EJEAS EUC Remote and Quick 20

There is a hook and loop on the remote control to fix the EUC remote control on the handle.

The buttons with Volume + / -, Intercom A / B / FM, Phone button. Camera and WiFi for subsequent product expansion design.

The remote also has a micro-USB port for recharging. Battery capacity 80mAh, battery type is a rechargeable polymer lithium ion battery, and the charging time is about 1.5 hours.

The EJEAS EUC Remote uses Bluetooth 4.1.

FM range: 2402MHz ~ 2480MHz.

The EJEAS EUC Remote will be at retail soon with a list price of $45.00.

Instruction details:

1、Clear Pairing Memory:
Long-press the “Volume +” and “WIFI” button for almost 5s simultaneously, until the Red & Blue lights consistently on, then loose your hands.

Clear the previous pairing memory firstly, then press any button of the remote and get start to the pairing mode with blue light quick-flicker.
The intercom also need to be under the pairing mode (Quick20 long-press the “MFB” and “Mode” button for 5s, Quick40 long-press the “Volume +” and “Volume -” for 5s.)
The intercom will automatically search EUC and get paired.

After pairing, press any button on the remote to activate and connect with the intercom itself with blue light slow-flicker (once per second).
When there is no any operations, the connection will last for 1 minute, then the connection is disconnected and goes dormant state.

4、Low Battery:
When it is under the low battery, and the voltage is under 3.2v, press any button of the remote, the red light flickers twice.
When charging, the red light consistently on
When fully-charged, the red light goes off

5、Test Mode:
Long-press the “Phone” and “Camera” for 5s to enter the test mode, the red light gradient flickers.
Press any button, the blue light on, without any pressing, the blue light goes off.
Press each button one by one and check whether these is any useless button.
It will automatically exit the test mode when there is no operation within 1min, or long-press the “Volume -” and “WIFI” button simultaneously for 5s to exit the test mode.

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