China’s 8-Cylinder, 2-Liter Motorcycle: A Beastly Boxer on Two Wheels

Get ready for a motorcycle unlike any other. China’s Great Wall Motors has unveiled the Souo S2000 ST, a touring behemoth powered by the world’s first ever 2.0-liter, 8-cylinder boxer engine.

That’s right, eight cylinders. This isn’t your typical rumbling V-twin or screaming inline-four. The Souo boasts a flat-laid-out engine design, similar to some high-performance sports cars, but even more unusual for motorcycles.

This powerhouse is essentially two 1000cc, four-cylinder engines mated together. While specific details are still emerging, early reports suggest a monstrous amount of power and torque, perfect for long-distance cruising with a passenger and luggage.

A Bold Move

This audacious engine choice is a head-turner. Traditional touring motorcycles favor larger displacement engines, but typically with fewer cylinders. This unconventional approach raises questions about weight, handling, and fuel efficiency. The Souo weighs a hefty 882 pounds (400 kg), thanks in part to that massive engine.

The 4-valve, DOHC, horizontally-opposed, eight-cylinder, two-liter engine is a sculpture in its own right

However, Great Wall Motors seems to be betting on the allure of pure power and a luxurious riding experience. The Souo is packed with features expected in a high-end tourer, including an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission and all the comfort amenities for rider and passenger.

A New Era for Chinese Motorcycles?

The Souo S2000 ST is a bold statement from a Chinese manufacturer traditionally known for more affordable motorcycles. This extravagant machine seems designed to compete with established touring giants like Honda’s Gold Wing. Whether this gamble pays off remains to be seen, but the Souo has undeniably captured the imagination of motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

Is it practical? Maybe not.

Is it undeniably cool? Absolutely. The Souo S2000 ST is a testament to China’s growing ambition in the motorcycle industry, and a sign that we might see more innovative and unconventional machines coming out of the East.

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