Before riding, there are a LOT of different cool accessories that you can add including:

Lights: LED & EL wire

Facemasks: 3/4 helmet facemasks & Leather Facemasks

Visor Decals & other Stickers

Audio & Communication Systems

Cameras & HUD’s

Motorcycle Helmet Locks

Motorcycle Helmet Lights

Increasing your footprint on the road, especially at night is easy by adding some more light to your ride. And not on your bike, on your helmet.

When lighting up your helmet – the highest part of your entire setup’s footprint-  do you use EL wire or LED’s?

You could put flashing LED’s on your motorcycle with a kit too, or reflective neon rings around the inside of your wheels pretty easily. Some are even remote controlled!

Motorcycle Helmet Face Shields/Guards

This is a not new concept to motorcycle safety. Wind burn and sunburn are not the only protection here though. A sturdy leather or metal face mask can keep your face from skidding down the pavement at 70mph.

otorcycle Helmet Visor Decals and Stickers

These motorcycle helmet face shield decals are extremely easy to install on your helmet’s shield and protects you from the stray ultra violet rays of the sun.

Motorcycle helmet stickers and decals are another easy way to customize your favorite helmet. And some of them get pretty raunchy!

Helmet Audio and Communication

At present, the Bluetooth communication system of motorcycle helmets is constantly developing and expanding, and there are already a variety of helmet Bluetooth intercom on the market.

Using the helmet communication system can free our hands to maintain communication and listening to music during riding. Let us better enjoy the fun of riding.

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

Recording your rides (all of them, of just the scenic parts) is a fun way to make even more memories. Hooking one up is not as hard as you may think.

And it’s not like you’re going to take a video of yourself while attempting a gnarly trick, biff it and then share it with the world in HD. That’s what you friends are for!

But just in case you do, there are numerous wireless cameras available that enable you to record exciting videos while you are on the road in high definition.

Motorcycle Helmet Locks

A helmet lock  protects your expensive helmet from thieves looking to make a quick buck off you.

Helmet loks are a carabiner style lock with a combination locking mechanism and rubberized coating on the loop.

You can lock that precious helmet up to any part of your bike, or your bike and helmet to anything that you can park close enough to.

In the end, I would just like to say, as a friend to all those riders out there, “Prepare for the crash, dress for the ride.”  Wearing the proper riding gear does not have to mean suiting up in full body armor, but it does mean you should wear heavy clothes, like jeans and a jacket, and I would also recommend a good helmet and some of these accessories mentioned above.

Ride Safe, and may your a safe ride !

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