Comparison of Mesh and Bluetooth Motorcycle Communication Systems

As a rider, staying connected with your fellow riders or loved ones is crucial. Communication systems help riders stay connected, and two of the most popular communication systems in the market are Mesh and Bluetooth communication systems. In this article, we will compare the EJEAS MS8 Mesh Motorcycle Intercom and the EJEAS V7 Bluetooth Intercom.

EJEAS MS8 Mesh Motorcycle Intercom

The EJEAS MS8 Motorcycle Mesh Intercom is a versatile communication system that offers many features. It supports 2-8 person MESH intercom, and the effective intercom distance is between 3.5 to 7 kilometers. Within the effective distance, users can form a group freely, and the system automatically connects to any user within the group after a disconnection. The system uses high encryption, ensuring that no device can enter the communication except the paired devices.

The MS8 Mesh Intercom features a 1200mAh battery that has a long standby time. It supports intercom, FM radio, and music simultaneously, and users can use it while charging. The system also has a mesh microphone mute function, making it suitable for outdoor activities like climbing, skiing, civilian communication, security, and railways. The MS8 has a signal strength that is twice as high as other communication devices, including Bluetooth communication devices, making it suitable for areas with high traffic, tunnels, steep slopes, winding roads, small hills, and forests.

The MS8 Mesh Intercom is easy to install, and it’s possible to add listeners without a group limit. The device’s official price is $207 per unit.

EJEAS V7 Bluetooth Intercom

The EJEAS V7 Bluetooth Intercom is another versatile communication system that offers many features. It supports up to seven people in a group, and the intercom distance can reach up to 700 meters. The device supports SafeRiding APP and EJEAS official website firmware upgrade. It also supports pairing with the remote control handle EUC.

The V7 Bluetooth Intercom uses a new panel, making it simple and easy to use during riding. The device uses a new clip, making it easy and fast to install. It features an 850mAh lithium battery that can provide up to 16 hours of intercom time and 160 hours of standby time. The system is IP65 waterproof and uses Bluetooth 5.1, which supports BLE low-power technology. The V7 also has a built-in CVC professional noise reduction function.

The V7 Bluetooth Intercom can automatically answer phone calls and can connect to two phones simultaneously. The device’s official price is $57 per unit.


The MS8 Mesh Intercom is more powerful and versatile than the V7 Bluetooth Intercom. It supports 2-8 person MESH intercom, has a more extended intercom distance, higher signal strength, and more extended battery life. However, the MS8 is more expensive than the V7.

The V7 Bluetooth Intercom is a budget-friendly option with many useful features, including support for remote control handle EUC, Bluetooth 5.1, and automatic phone call answering. The V7 is not as powerful as the MS8 Mesh Intercom, but it offers enough functionality for riders on a budget.

In conclusion, the choice between the two communication systems depends on personal preferences, budget, and use cases. Both the MS8 Mesh Intercom and the V7 Bluetooth Intercom are excellent options for riders looking to stay connected on the road.

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