Introducing EJEAS HarmonyOS Q7: The Ultimate Bluetooth Intercom for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

EJEAS, a leading name in the world of motorcycle communication systems, is proud to unveil the EJEAS HarmonyOS Q7 – a cutting-edge Bluetooth intercom system that takes communication and connectivity to a whole new level. Building upon the success of the EJEAS Q7, the HarmonyOS Q7 now brings compatibility with the latest Huawei HarmonyOS devices, including the impressive HUAWEI Mate 60 Pro.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless HarmonyOS Compatibility: The EJEAS HarmonyOS Q7 is designed to seamlessly connect with all HarmonyOS smartphones, ensuring that Huawei users, including those with the Mate 60 Pro, can experience effortless connectivity.
  2. 7-Way Intercom and Full-Duplex Communication: With support for up to 7 riders paired simultaneously and 1+6 group conversations, the HarmonyOS Q7 enables crystal-clear, full-duplex communication among riders in your group, enhancing safety and camaraderie on the road.
  3. Bluetooth 5.1 Chipset: Powered by Bluetooth 5.1 technology, the Q7 offers lightning-fast pairing, low-latency audio transmission, and improved range for a seamless communication experience.
  4. SafeRiding App Integration: Stay connected and informed with the SafeRiding app, which pairs seamlessly with the HarmonyOS Q7, providing real-time updates on navigation, traffic, and weather conditions.
  5. Firmware Upgrades: EJEAS makes sure your Q7 stays up-to-date with regular firmware upgrades available on the official website, ensuring you always have access to the latest features and improvements.
  6. Versatility at Your Fingertips: The Q7 supports FM radio, EUC handlebars, and voice assistants for added convenience and entertainment during your rides.
  7. Power-Efficient BLE Technology: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology enables rapid pairing and extended standby times, conserving battery life and keeping you connected for longer.
  8. Long-Lasting Battery: The Q7 boasts a powerful 750mAh lithium battery, providing up to 18 hours of continuous intercom use and an impressive standby time of up to 260 hours.
  9. Automatic Call Answering: Never miss an important call while riding, as the Q7 can automatically answer incoming calls for you.
  10. 800-Meter Intercom Range: Enjoy long-distance communication with a range of up to 800 meters, ensuring seamless communication even on the open road.
  11. Advanced DSP Noise Control: The Q7’s advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology suppresses wind and background noise, delivering clear and crisp audio for conversations and music playback.
  12. Windproof and Noise-Canceling: With an IP65 water-resistant rating, the HarmonyOS Q7 can handle various weather conditions while maintaining high-definition audio quality.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting your motorcycle journey, the EJEAS HarmonyOS Q7 is your trusted companion for safe and enjoyable rides. Stay connected with fellow riders, access important information, and elevate your riding experience with this feature-packed Bluetooth intercom system.

Gear up for the future of motorcycle communication with EJEAS HarmonyOS Q7 – where innovation and connectivity meet the open road.

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