Stay Connected and in Control on Your Rides with the EJEAS EUC Motorcycle Remote Control Handle

Let’s face it, fiddling with buttons on your motorcycle helmet intercom can be a pain, especially while you’re navigating traffic. The EJEAS EUC Motorcycle Remote Control Handle is here to solve that problem. This handy little device mounts onto your handlebars, giving you easy access to the functions of your EJEAS intercom system without taking your hands off the grips.

Seamless Control at Your Fingertips

With the EJEAS EUC remote, you can control all the essential features of your intercom, including:

  • Answering calls
  • Adjusting volume
  • Play, pause, and skip music tracks
  • Switching between intercom channels (on specific EJEAS intercom models)

This allows you to stay connected with your riding companions, listen to music, and take calls all without ever having to take your eyes off the road or your hands off the handlebars.

Built to Endure the Elements

The EJEAS EUC is built to withstand the elements. It features an IP65 waterproof rating, meaning it’s dustproof and can withstand water jets from any direction. So, you can ride with confidence knowing that your remote will keep working, rain or shine.

Long Battery Life and Quick Charging

The EJEAS EUC boasts a long battery life of 6-12 hours on a single charge. Even on extended rides, you won’t have to worry about your remote dying on you. Plus, with a charging time of only 1.5 hours, you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Easy Pairing and Installation

The EJEAS EUC is designed to seamlessly pair with EJEAS intercoms. The installation process is simple, allowing you to mount the remote to your handlebars and connect it to your intercom in just a few minutes.

Overall, the EJEAS EUC Motorcycle Remote Control Handle is a great option for motorcycle riders who want a safe and convenient way to control their intercom system. With its long battery life, durable construction, and easy-to-use design, the EJEAS EUC is a valuable addition to any motorcycle rider’s gear.

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