How come there are numerous differences among Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms?

The full duplex Bluetooth Intercoms were born with the speedy development.  Its unique performance and function, has been recognized by all walks of life. The application also become more and more extensive, such as security, outdoor sports, gymnastics, restaurants, hotels, directors, construction industry, harbor commissioning. And what we are going to talk about today is a motorcycle helmet dedicated Bluetooth intercom.

Bluetooth intercoms are divided into 2-way(e.g.:EJEAS-E200) and multi-way (3-6 people). Different models, different talking range。 Generally speaking, the distance is between 10-2000m.

Why there are so many differences between different Bluetooth intercoms?

We should distinguish them from the functions.

For example, EJEAS-E200, the 300m talking range is better for driver and pillion, because the connection is easy to get off when you’re riding with the other riders. Apparently, compared with EJEAS E200,  EJEAS E6 is better for riders: it’s real-time talking distance could reach 1200m if there is no interference, moreover, you could pair it with the other five units to switch talking. But please don’t get it wrong, E6 is just a 2-way Bluetooth intercoms, can’t be used for 3 people at the same time. If you and your partners happened to have a walkie talkie, you could connect the Bluetooth intercom with the talkie talkie by PTT cable. At this time, the Bluetooth intercom works as a Bluetooth headset, and the talking range is the same as the walkie talkie, what’s more, there is no pairing and talking limit any longer.

Overall, comparing with E200, E6 works for more users, with longer distance and higher price. If you have walkie talkie in your team, you could use the professional helmet Bluetooth headset directly, such as EJEAS E1-the latest model, provides much better performance than the old VNETPHONE V1 series.

EJEAS E1 bluetooth helmet headset

Multi-user intercoms support 3-5 people talking. VNETPHONE V4 is a 4-way real time Bluetooth Intercoms. It could reach 2000m talking range under the test without interference, in fact, the distance is generally around 1200m. There is also a Bluetooth intercom with remote control-V8, this Bluetooth intercom realize 5 people talking at  the real time.

Generally speaking, the EJEAS motorcycle helmet intercoms could answer phone calls, listen to music and GPS navigation, the sound quality is more HD than normal headset and Bluetooth headset, especially when you’re driving at a fast speed. Meanwhile, it also provides excellent  windproof and noise cancellation, so does waterproof, after all, raining is occasionally happened on the trip.

bluetooth intercom waterproof

In a word, Bluetooth intercoms are different in distance, number of talking, sound quality, waterproof etc., please identify your actual needs from these aspects before the purchase.

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