The advantage of Bluetooth 5.1


Bluetooth is a wireless transmission technology, which is theoretically a short-distance connection between the farthest devices. At present, it is generally used in smartphones and wisdom wear equipment, and smart families, car Internet access and other fields.

Faster transmission speed, farther transmission distance
Bluetooth 4.2 standard maximum burst rate is 1MB / s, while Bluetooth 5.0 standard increases the rate to 2Mb / s. It can make the Bluetooth device respond faster and higher performance. By reducing the bandwidth, the original power requirements can be maintained, the transmission distance can be increased to the original four times.

Increase navigation function, positioning is more accurate
The Bluetooth 5.0 standard adds navigation functions, compared to Bluetooth 4.2, where you do not build a true connection, you can transfer a lot of information to other compatible devices.

Increase broadcast capacity and speed up interaction
The Bluetooth 5.0 standard extends broadcast data from a traditional three broadcast channel to all data channels. The broadcast channel increases, and the broadcast transmission capacity can be transmitted to other compatible devices, without the actual connection, thereby accelerating the speed of interaction.

Lower power, higher performance
Bluetooth 5.0 standard For the Internet of Things, it has made a lot of underlying optimizations, and strives to serve smart home with lower power consumption and higher performance.

Improve redundancy, reduce errors, improve transmission accuracy
The Bluetooth 5.0 standard adds a low power coding physical layer. Low-power coding physical layer standard has two coding methods: s = 8 and s = 2, where S is the number of characters per bit. In addition to the recirculation redundant check (CRC), there is a convolutional coding and an image, which improves redundancy and reduces the opportunity to make an error. When communicating remote communication, you can perform detection and correction to ensure the correctness of the data.

Bluetooth 5.1
On the basis of Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 5.1 greatly increases the positioning accuracy and reaches a centimeter level. Bluetooth 5. 1 The position lookup accuracy is raised to the centimeter level, compared to the WiFi aided positioning, there is a better performance in indoor navigation, fast finding bracelets / remote controls.
In addition, GATT (universal attribute profile) is also optimized to improve pairing and communication speed, helping to avoid the random channel index of packet conflicts to ensure Bluetooth advertisement rate.

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