2020 new Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom – EJEAS Q7

The Q7 is a new model from EJEAS, Using Bluetooth 5.0 design to meet the basic functions of Bluetooth and compatible with more Bluetooth devices. For example, the two-person intercom function, one machine is paired with 6 machines, switch intercom, and the pairing of two Bluetooth devices is supported.Its FM radio feature and very functional controls, the Q7 could be a good choice for consumers.

Features of EJEAS Q7 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom

Rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries 750 mAh

Phone talk time is at a maximum of 30 hours

Intercom talk time is at a maximum of 30 hours

Music playing time is at a maximum of 22 hours

Stand-by time is up to 260 hours

Outer shell is made of lightweight and quality ABS material

Integrated with Bluetooth 5.0 technology

Microphone with anti-noise feature

Maximum Bluetooth connectivity distance is 800 meters

Two replaceable speakers

120km/h working speed

IP65 waterproof

USB cable

Instruction manual

APP support




Solid design & build

Great battery life

Very good control layout & access

Can be used to two person intercom one host Q7 can connect six slaves Q7

A stable Bluetooth connection can be achieved

Support the use of EJEAS EUC handle remote control

Built-in FM radio, Intercom & FM hearing simultaneously

CVC noise cancellation technology

Pop-up antenna enhances intercom range & clarity

A foldable antenna was creatively designed to save space and enhance the beauty of appearance

Can easily connect to phones, GPS systems, MP3 players, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices

automatically pick up the incoming call in 8s

1s Quick Pair, developed the latest Quick Pair Technology, pair the intercoms in 1s


Q7 waterproof level can reach IP65, so you can continue to use it if it rains during riding. It is made of light and high-quality ABS material and can be used normally in the environment of -10 ~ 50 ℃. It also has integrated Bluetooth technology, speakers, and a noise-canceling microphone.

Additionally, this product’s battery can be charged using your computer since it comes with a USB cable. If you want to charge it to a power outlet, please use a compatible adapter, the charger specification is DC5V/1A.


Since this product has a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it can establish a stable connection with most phone, GPS system, and music player models.

It is also capable of making intercom calls with two individuals at a maximum distance of 800 meters or more than 2600 feet. Communication with loved ones during long travels will also not be a problem since its fully charged batteries can last up to 30 hours of uninterrupted talk.

FM Radio

Included an FM radio feature in the Q7, it is a good media inclusion. The pro and con discussions over onboard FM are healthy (to say the least) among many Bluetooth helmet system users, whereas on the other hand many don’t really care. Many don’t even know the feature is at their fingertips or voice command. This function is actually very useful when riding, especially when traveling.

In not usually having cellular or satellite connectivity that allows the way ahead to be scoped out for planning purposes, local radio stations along the way are a timely asset, as are listed weather and emergency broadcast services (along with checking the skies of course).


New support through to upgrade the service, we have developed a new APP to support Q7 and new products developed in the future. EJEAS App is one quite easy to use App available for iOS and Android.

General features include Bluetooth Intercoms, Phone, Music, FM Radio,  Application settings, firmware support and Help (Support, Help Centre,and User Guide). With breadth and depth and no attempt is made here to cover App content in detail – The content of the App will be introduced in detail after that.

EJEAS Q7 Retail Box Contents

1 x EJEAS Q7 Intercom Module

1 x Clamp Adapter plate

1 x HD speakers

1 x Wired boom microphone

1 x Wired (thin wire) microphone

1 x USB power cable

1 x screwdriver

2 x Fixing screw

Currently EJEAS Q7 has not yet been officially launched, but it can be pre-ordered in the official store. The single package is priced at $56 and the double package is $108. Welcome to booked in advance.

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